Animal Removal Service

Animal Removal Service

Always Nature’s Way is an animal removal service fully licensed through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and follow their laws for animal removal. Animal trapping and pest control is our specialty. We humanely trap and relocate many different pests & critters throughout northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin areas. Not only do we remove the problematic animals, but we can also repair the damage they have caused. After the animals are safely removed we will animal proof the areas to prevent further animal invasions from happening. Often times animals can cause damage to your home leaving behind droppings and unwanted odors. Your homeowners insurance may even cover the cost of repairs. Feel free to check out our variety of services including animal proofing and animal damage repairs. Please see below for a full list of common animals we remove.

Common Animals Removed

Wildlife Removal Services – Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin

When you have a wild animal on your premises and need to have it removed safely we recommend you contact a professional. We do not recommend trying to extract the animal yourself as animals can carry disease as well as be dangerous. We specialize in animal control and removal. Animals are trapped and humanely relocated when Illinois law does not require otherwise. We will safely remove any animals that may be causing you problems. Our common services are raccoon removal, skunk removal, squirrel removal, possum removal, animal prevention, damage restoration, and more. We also can help you remove any stinging insects including bees, wasps, and hornets. Not only do we get those pesky animals removed, we prevent them from coming back! Some of our most common services include restoring & repairing damage caused by animals. This can include drywall, insulation, soffit replacement, and more.


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