bat removal serviceIllinois bats are only 2 to 4 inches in length, with a wing span up to 12 inches. We have 12 species in our state, but most common are the brown bats. Though most people believe bats are “blood suckers”, nothing could be farther from the truth. They eat many insects, including mosquitoes and crop destroying insects. This makes them quite beneficial wildlife for Illinois. Bats can eat over 3,000 insects in one evening of feeding. A female bat can have only one young per year, with the exception of red bats having up to 4 “pups”. Bats have to hibernate or migrate to warmer climates. They will gather in colonies and reside in hollow trees or attic spaces. Bats tend to hibernate in the same place year after year, causing roosting areas to become covered in droppings, known as guano. This needs to be removed from living quarters due to disease carried in bat guano.

Once they reproduce they can also be harder to repel, and you could have more bats to control. Do not hesitate, Contact Always Nature’s Way to have them removed professionally. We are a fully licensed bat removal service for residential homes, businesses, and commercial industries. We offer professional animal removal services at an affordable rate.

Bats often wreak havoc to homes and can be a real problem for homes and garages. Bats can find ways into attics and chimneys causing structural or electrical damage. Once inside they can build nests while causing further damage to your home. We recommend you call for assistance immediately to avoid any additional damage.

Opossum Removal Services Offered

Always Nature’s Way is a fully qualified Animal Damage Control Team. Services include bat removal, bat prevention & proofing, bat control, odor removal, porch & siding repair, and much more. We do not exterminate the animals, but we will humanely trap and relocate your problem. We are trained and licensed through the Department of Natural Resources.

Whether it be Bats nesting in your attic, or just being a nuisance, we can help you! We service Lake County, Illinois and the surrounding areas including Antioch, Gurnee, Deerfield, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Round Lake, Fox Lake, Highland Park, Grayslake, Vernon Hills, and many more!


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