pigeon & bird removalBirds can live in many areas in or around your home. Nesting in vents, eaves, and attics. Sometimes behind a porch light, lawn furniture, and bushes near doorways. Usually breeding in late spring, birds can become threatened if a person gets too close to the nest. They may chirp loudly, swoop, and even dive at a near by person. If residing in a vent, a homeowner may notice a horrible odor. They may also notice flies, nesting, or fleas in that area. Bird feces carry many disease, the most commonly known is Histoplasmosis.

Once they reproduce they can be harder to repel, and you could have more birds to deal with. Do not hesitate, Contact Always Nature’s Way to have them removed professionally. We are a fully licensed bird removal service for residential homes, businesses, and commercial industries. We offer professional animal removal services at an affordable rate.

Birds often wreak havoc to homes and be a real problem for homes and garages. Birds can find ways into attics and chimneys causing structural or electrical damage. Once inside they can build nests while causing further damage to your home. We recommend you call for assistance immediately to avoid any additional damage.

Bird Removal Services Offered

Always Nature’s Way is a fully qualified Animal Damage Control Team. Services include Bird removal, Bird prevention & proofing, Bird control, odor removal, porch & siding repair, and much more. We do not exterminate the animals, but we will humanely trap and relocate your problem. We are trained and licensed through the Department of Natural Resources.

Whether it be birds nesting in your attic, or just being a nuisance, we can help you! We service Lake County, Illinois and the surrounding areas including Antioch, Gurnee, Deerfield, Libertyville, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Round Lake, Fox Lake, Highland Park, Grayslake, Vernon Hills, and many more!


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